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As a Small Business  Website Host we have earned the confidence of our customers by providing a consistent and stable platform to conduct your personal and business affairs online.

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Over the last several years website hosting has become common and extremely inexpensive. Because of this, new issues have arisen affecting everyone with a website and it is all about what the others on your website server are doing and if the hosting company is monitoring the activities of those they provide services to.

Imagine for a second that you have a critical email that needs to get to your client...

Income depends on it!

and it never gets delivered... Worse yet, You Don't Even Know!

Or, what happens if one customer on an over crowed web server monopolizes the resources to a degree where visitors can not visit or interact with your website?

You lose the opportunity to meet your clients needs or prove yourself to a prospect!

Server Support, Monitoring and Maintenance can either make it worth while or not; no matter how much or how little you pay...

We sit here working away on our projects, making updates and monitoring our servers to ensure that your communications are getting through and your website is completely accessible.

We look at the fees you invest with us each month well worth the investment. In fact we'd be the least expensive group of employees you have...


 Here is the breakdown of our services:


    • First Month Free, We like to get to know everyone we work with, as we have found our clients like to do the same. So we take the risk out of moving your web site to our server. If you need help moving your site just let us know and we'd be glad to lend a hand. Normal site migrations are straight forward and uncomplicated. Email us here to get us engaged in your site move.

    Layered Fanatical Support, Layering our support we are able to reduce the TOC we all share. Our servers are located in a temperature controlled and secure Server Farm where on site  technicians monitor every aspect of the server's performance, i.e. allowable heat ranges, hard drive performance, bandwidth and content delivery...

You also have our off site staff to help with solutions to problems, setting up special server requirements, working with email forms setting up email accounts or any number of cPanel operations.

    Easily Connect to Support 5 different ways to connect to our Support Staff, Online Chat, Phone, Email, Instant Message us  (Yahoo, ICQ, MSN Live, AOL) and Support Ticket System. Most clients find that one of the five ways of contacting us works best for them. 

We also have custom support contracts available where support staff are available via mobile phone and "Online Computer" Support. Some of our clients like being able to touch a Support Staff member where ever they might be. Others like us to take control of their desktop or laptop computer and perform our support via "remote" location. This allows us to work out any connectivity issues our clients may have with email clients like Outlook or provide cPanel support. These types of services are customized, yet very affordable.

   Resource Scalability, You only pay for what you use and you have the professional staff backing your online presence. As your online presence and business increases, just increase what you need. Add services to your web site knowing that your server is being maintained in a manner consistent with your growth in mind.

   Lower Your TOC, simply by employing us to manage your hosting environment you have freed up your IT staff to work on other pressing matters. You also only pay for what you use. If you need more in the future then we simply add it on. You don't have to worry about maintaining a server, repairs or the staff to monitor and maintain your server 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

   FREE On Site/Off Site Backups, you have heard this from your IT staff, or computer repair person... Back up regularly. We maintain backups daily, weekly and monthly on the server where your web site is located. Although we have not had to use it in the last 5 years, we also maintain the same on a remote server out side of our data farm. This service is standard with us. It comes with every hosting plan. Where normally an additional cost with most other hosting companies, certainly is with the discount houses.

   Security - Information/Services, Our server uses several different methods to secure both the information and web based services that our server manages. Whether it be our Firewall, activity monitoring or access through secure log ins your information is protected. If you need additional security services you can contact us to develop such services or maybe you only need your own Secure Certificate ($29). Either way our server configuration is designed to manage your growth.

   Professionally Staffed, The staff at both the Server Farm and our office location here in Delaware is staffed with trained and seasoned professionals. We are not part-timers, night time or weekend warriors. This is our chosen career/profession.

   Server Performance Monitoring, every hosting company provides a certain level of server monitoring. Because our web sites are hosted right along with your web site or web based services we go a step further to ensure that everything is being handled and delivered the way we as a server customer want it to be. This is above and beyond Fanatical, bordering on CONTROL FREAKISH. As a web based business we depend on email delivery and need our web based services to operate quickly, (as they were designed). So we also monitor the email service of our server and the other services and hardware involved in web page and web based service delivery.

If for some reason an email can not be delivered we notify you so that you can take the steps necessary  to communicate with your customers, site visitors/prospects and employees.

   Consistency of Operations, is obtained through all of the above on all levels of operations, Security, Support, Email Delivery, Web Page or Web Service Delivery, Backups...